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When someone is arrested often a judge will allow a release from jail as the defendant is awaiting trial if the defendant can put up enough money that the judge believes this will prevent them from leaving town and missing the trial. The amount of this money is set by the judge, and is called bail. Often the defendants do not have enough money to post the required bail, and so they are required to stay in jail through the period of the trial and sentencing.  Not only is the jail time itself undesirable, but many say that they need that time out of jail to be able to properly prepare there defense for trial.

This is where the bail bond came into existence. Most states allow private companies to loan the money to defendants to pay the bail amount, and to charge for this loan and service. Bail Bonds Services, as they are now called, have become popular within the states that allow them. Many people would not be able to post the bail if it were not for these companies. In Texas one of the most reputable of these firms is a company called McRae Bail Bonds based in San Antonio Texas.

Why McRae Bail Bonds?

Well most people tell us that the best reason for using McRae Bail Bonds is because we have so much experience and expertise that we really make the whole process simple for our clients and save them a lot of wasted energy and mistakes. They say that because of this McRae’s team of bail bonds agents were able to get them out of jail and home to their families significantly faster than they would have been able to achieve on their own.

The second most common reason people give is that when working with us they felt as though their agent from McRae Bail Bonds truly cared about them as a human being and treated them as a valuable client. In reading our Google Reviews from our many happy clients, most relate both or at least one of these traits in their testimonials.

Bail Bonds In San Antonio TX

We at McRae are committed to our clients. We want you to have the best bail bonds release experience possible. We strive to keep the golden rule and to treat them as we would want to be treated ourselves.  We put in the hard work to make sure that you have the best possible experience in this difficult time of your life. Give McRae Bail Bonds a call today at (210) 463-5561If you do, you will be very glad that you did!